Home and Hearth Posters and Prints

Vista Bath II Poster Print
Lovely rendition of an old fashioned bath. This print by Grace Pullen, shows a claw foot tub, vanity chair, wash basin, and window. All in shades of reds and yellows. The tub has a circular shower curtain holder and shower head. The floor is checkered, and the window looks out on rolling hills.
Artist: Grace Pullen

Architectural Motif IV Poster Print
Richard Henson print of gold, copper and cream motif of brads,swirls and filigree.
Artist: Richard Henson

The Apple Gatherers Poster Print
Wonderful print by Frederick Morgan of a group of women, young and old, gathering the fallen apples from under an apple tree. They are using a sheet to put the apples on and a basket. They are dressed like rural folks.
Artist: Frederick Morgan

The Library Poster Print
Humorous print of a boy in the bathroom with books. His "Library" has classic fixtures and a shelf just for books. Arlene D. Miller
Artist: Arlene D. Miller

Soufroleine Poster Print
Vintage advertising print for "Soufroleine Lotion", France.

The Visitor Poster Print
Arthur Hopkins' print of a little girl trying to reach the knocker on a door of a cottage.
Artist: Arthur Hopkins

Sweet Dreams Poster Print
Lovely print poster of a faced moon on a starry background with the words, "Sweet Dreams". Srtist is Grace Pullen.
Artist: Grace Pullen

Future Stars Poster Print
Cute poster of three little boys in the snow, on a porch,with hockey sticks and a golden retriever. One little boy is knocking on the door of a grand, brick house.
Artist: Mary Smith

Provence by the Sea II Poster Print
Max Hayslette's "Provence by the Sea ll". A quaint farmhouse stands in a field of trees and grasses at the edge of the sea.
Artist: Max Hayslette

The Reading Poster Print
Heartwarming print by Sharon R. Wilson of an African American woman and two small children reading a book.
Artist: Sharon R. Wilson

Interior with a Violin Case Poster Print
Henri Matisse print of "Interior with a Violin Case". Lovely print showing a room with sheer curtains opening to a balcony overlooking the sea.
Artist: Henri Matisse

Lavender Bath II Poster Print
Charming print by Charlene Olsen of a bath with cream and lavendar tones.
Artist: Charlene Olson

Tuscan Vineyard Poster Print
Lovely print of a Tuscan Vineyard at sunset. Villa house in the distance, rows of grapevines, orange and red sky.
Artist: Jon McNaughton

Balcony on Oberapia Street, Havana Poster Print
Bright, colorful depiction of a balcony on Oberapia St. in Havana, Cuba. Done by Corr.
Artist: Corr

Oasis Poster Print
Poster print of a vivid purple Iris with leaves and a golden background. by Don Li-Leger.
Artist: Don Li-Leger

Forget Poster Print
"Forget" by Dominique Gaudin. Abstract print of leaves and flowers on watercolored paper background. Shadowy with greens, tans and yellows.
Artist: Dominique Gaudin

Eze Poster Print
Print of the door to a rock house with stairs and pottery.
Artist: Maureen Love

Songs of Childhood Poster Print
Lovely depiction of a woman playing the piano with a golden haired little girl, smiling, resting her head on the piano. Charles Curran.
Artist: Charles Curran

Veranda de la Princesse Mathilde (with metallic ink) Poster Print
Print of "Veranda de la Princesse mathilde by Charles Giraud. Lovely print of the inside of a garden room with plants and numerous statues.
Artist: Charles Giraud

Spring Grace II Poster Print
Poster of a single white tulip by Silvia Vassileva.
Artist: Silvia Vassileva

Provencal Village I Poster Print
Poster of a Provencal Village, brush strokes apparent.
Artist: Michael Longo

Des Fosses Antiques Poster Print
Poster of old Victorian Antiques shop.
Artist: Betsy Brown

Time for Pie Poster Print
Poster of pieces of pie.
Artist: Jo Moulton

Count Your Blessings Poster Print
Poster of "Count Your Blessings" in soft pastels.
Artist: Stephanie Marrott

All My Friends Poster Print
Poster of barnyard animals by the barn and a trailer of hay.
Artist: Lowell Herrero

My Kitchen Prayer Poster Print
Kitchen poster with inspirational prayer,apples and pie.
Artist: Alan Grant

Powder Room Poster Print of Flowers, by Karen Avery
Karen Avery print of the words "Powder Room" surrounded by pansies, callas and roses.
Artist: Karen Avery

Lavender Bath I Poster Print of a Bathroom Interior, by Charlene Olson
Charlene Olson poster of a bathroom interior.
Artist: Charlene Olson

Dog Nap Poster Print of a Dog Sleeping By a Bed, by Mark Stewart
Mark Stewart print of a yellow lab sleeping beside a bed.
Artist: Mark Stewart

"Jungle Soak" Poster Print of a Safari Decorated Bathroom, by Lisa Danielle
Lisa Danielle print of a bathroom decorated with a safari theme.
Artist: Lisa Danielle

Good Housekeeping - November 1921 Poster Print by Jessie Wilcox-Smith
Vintage Jessie Wilcox-Smith print of two children reading in a chair. This print is from the Good Housekeeping November 1921 magazine.
Artist: Jessie Wilcox-Smith

"Flowers on the Windowsill" Poster Print of a Home Interior, With a Girl Watering Plants
Carl Larsson art print of a home interior, with a girl watering plants on the windowsill.
Artist: Carl Larsson

"Salon Rouge II" Poster Print of a Bathroom Interior, by Charlene Olson
Charlene Olson print of a luxurious bathroom interior.
Artist: Charlene Olson

"The Shower" Poster Print of the Backside of a Nude Woman in a Shower, by Steve Hanks
Erotic Steve Hanks print of a nude woman in a shower.
Artist: Steve Hanks

"He Left it up Again!" Poster Print of a Child Fallen Into The Toilet, by Arlene D. Miller
Humorous Arlene D. Miller poster of a small child, fallen into the toilet.
Artist: Arlene D. Miller

"Fourth of July" Poster Print of a Rocking Chair on a Porch With a Flag Behind It
Zhen-Huan Lu art print of a rocking chair on a porch, next to a stand with drinks. There is an American Flag hanging on the side of the house.
Artist: Zhen-Huan Lu

"La Cucina" Poster Print by Grace Pullen
Grace Pullen print of "La Cucina Italiana," Meaning "The Italian Kitchen."
Artist: Grace Pullen

"Safari Bath" Poster Print of a Zebra Print Chair Next to a Bathtub, by Krista Sewell
Krista Sewell art print of a zebra print chair sitting next to a bathtub.
Artist: Krista Sewell

"Bathtime" Poster Print of a Yellow Lab Being Dragged Into the Bathroom by the Leash, by Tatutina
Tatutina print of a yellow lab being dragged into the bathroom by the leash. The dog is trying to hold back and there is a rubber ducky floating in the tub.
Artist: Tatutina

"Laundry - 25 cents" Poster Print by Roger Bock
Roger Bock print of "Laundry - 25 Cents a Load." This print shows old fashioned washing tools.
Artist: Roger Bock

"Interieur a la Fenetre Ouverte" Poster Print of an Interior by Raoul Dufy
Raoul Dufy print of a household interior, titled "Interieur a la Fenetre Ouverte."
Artist: Raoul Dufy

"Lazy Afternoon" Poster Print by Zhen-Huan Lu
Zhen-Huan Lu animal house print of "Lazy Afternoon". This poster print shows a cat sleeping in a bedroom on a bed.
Artist: Zhen-Huan Lu

"Laundry Day" Poster Print of Wash Bins on a Porch, by Kay Shannon
Kay Shannon print of two washing bins on a porch, titled "Laundry Day."
Artist: Kay Shannon

"Salle de Bain" Poster Print of a Country Bathtub, by Grace Pullen
Grace Pullen art print of a country bathtub, titled "Salle de Bain."
Artist: Grace Pullen

"Live Laugh Love" Poster Print by Lisa Hilliker
Lisa Hilliker sign of "Live Laugh Love."
Artist: Lisa Hilliker

"Long Golden Day" Poster Print by Alice Dalton-Brown
Alice Dalton-Brown print of "Long Golden Day". This architecture print shows the view of the ocean through an open window.
Artist: Alice Dalton-Brown

Print of "Childhood Treasures - Deadman's Hill" by Norman Rockwell
Print of "Childhood Treasures - Deadman's Hill" by Norman Rockwell. This is a print of a group of children tobogganing down a snowy hill.
Artist: Norman Rockwell

Poster of "The Ambush" by Jack Sorenson
Poster of "The Ambush" by Jack Sorenson. This is a poster of a little boy and his dog hiding behind a red barn getting ready to ambush his dad with snowballs.
Artist: Jack Sorenson

Print of "Clean & Fresh" by Jerianne Van Dijk
Print of "Clean & Fresh" by Jerianne Van Dijk. This print shows clean clothes hanging on a clothes line, outdoors. The words "Clean & Fresh" appear at the bottom of the print. This would be ideal for Laundry Room Decor.
Artist: Jerianne Van Dijk

Print of "Laundry" by Teresa Kogut
Print of "Laundry" by Teresa Kogut. This is a print of an iron, washtub, and hangers.
Artist: Teresa Kogut

Poster of "Miel De Lavande" by Katharine Gracey
Poster of "Miel De Lavande" by Katharine Gracey. This is a poster of a bee hovering above a hive; bordered in purple.
Artist: Katharine Gracey

Print Of The Open Ocean From an Open House Window
print of the open ocean and a palm tree from the inside of an open house window. This scenic print if by Lynn Fecteau.
Artist: Lynn Fecteau

Print of "Powder Room" by Becca Barton
Print of "Powder Room" by Becca Barton. This is a print of a white pitcher and basin with a soap bar infront.
Artist: Becca Barton

Poster of "Spring Panel " By: Warren Kimble
Title: "Spring Panel"Artist: Warren KimbleHere is a vertical, panel style print showing am old house, possibly farm house in the rolling country side. There are a few tall trees budding with spring greenery, and things growing in the dirt of the hills. The sky is a pale grey blue, looking like predawn. The artist name is at the bottom in the center.
Artist: Warren Kimble

Poster of "Summer Breeze" By: Alice Dalton-Brown
Title: "Summer Breeze"Artist: Alice Dalton-BrownHere is a simple print showing a breeze coming through the window, blowing the sheers up jsut so slightly. The sun is reflects though the windown to reveal a shadow on the wall. Just outside the window is an inlet, or lake, or some body of water surrounded by trees. The artist name and title of print are at the bottom in the center in caligraphic writing.
Artist: Alice Dalton-Brown

Poster of "White Cat with Ball" By: Daniel Kessler
Title: "White Cat with Ball"Artist: Daniel KesslerHere is a print of a white cat, in an abstract shape of a square, and a red ball standing together on a floor of a burnt orange color, the wall behind is the same color of feeep burnt orange.
Artist: Daniel Kessler

Print of "The American Farm" by Warren Kimble
Print of "The American Farm" by Warren Kimble. This is a poster of a red barn with a large American flag on the side of it and another american flag in the sky behind it.
Artist: Warren Kimble

Poster of "See Jane Play" By; Campbell
Title: "See Jane Play"Artist: CampbellHere is a print showing a family painted in bright coloring. The mom, dad and little brother are watching the two little girls spin cartwheels and stand on their head in the grass, while the little cocker spaniel doggy wants to play too.
Artist: Campbell

Poster of "Nature Calls" By: Tami Wolfgram
Title: "Nature Calls"Artist: Tami WolfgramHere is a print of an outdoor bathhouse (or outhouse). A little wooden shack perched at the top of a slope in the hill at the end of a little dirt path. There are three evergreen trees surrounding the shack, which has a crescent moon carved into the front near the roof top, and a sign on the outside of the door which reads: "Nature Calls."
Artist: Tami Wolfgram

Poster of "Peace" By: Orah Moore
Title: "peace"Artist: Orah MooreThis is a print showing a long boardwalk on a lake, just dimly lit by what looks like an early 'pre-dawn' morning. There is a think veil of mist hovering baove the waterline of the lake, which is surrounded by hills. At the end of the boardwalk is a wooden lawn chair, and in the water tied near the front of the dock is a small canoe or kayak.
Artist: Orah Moore

Print of "Red Barn" by Warren Kimble
Print of "Red Barn" by Warren Kimble. this is a print of a red barn with two tall trees on either side of it.
Artist: Warren Kimble

Poster of &quo;Morning Passage&quo; by: Lynn Fecteau
Title - &quo;Morning Passage&quo;Artist - Lynn FecteauThis print shows what the artists view looks like from looking out a window at dawn. You can see the ocean just past the beach. In the window are some tropical plants, of which one's leaf is pealing through the framing of the window. The sky has clouds, colored white, with pink, orange, and early morning dark blue shades.
Artist: Lynn Fecteau

Poster of "Bano Azul" by Didier Lourenco
Poster of "Bano Azul" by Didier Lourenco. This art print shows a woman in a towl leaning on her bathroom window sill, looking out at the night sky. You can see the sink, bathroom shelves, and tile floor leading to a hallway.
Artist: Didier Lourenco

Poster of Good Housekeeping's June of 1932 Issue Cover of a Little Boy in the Bath with a Puppy
Illustrated Poster of the June 1932 issue of the Good Housekeeping magazine. On the Poster there is a little boy in the bath with a black and white puppy. The boy has his arms aroud the puppy and smiling slightly. The puppy is licking the boy's cheek.

Poster of The Bath
Art Posters: Nude Woman in the Bathroom, by Fernando Botero.
Artist: Fernando Botero

Poster of Laundry Room
Home Decor Posters: Launtry Room, 25 cents a Load.

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