Science Prints and Posters

Earth Poster Print
Poster of the Earth from space.

The Hubble Telescope - Detail of Lagoon Nebula Poster Print
A colorful poster of the Lagoon Nebula from the Hubble Telescope with details.

Summer Serenade Poster Print
Earl Jackson's "Summer Serenade". Print of an African-American couple floating in a rowboat on a lake with lilypads.
Artist: Earl Jackson

The Tyrannosaur - (English - Italian - French - German - Spanish) Poster Print
educational Poster of tyrannosaur with backround information on species

Turtles & Tortoises - International Edition (English - Italian - French - German - Spanish) Poster Print
Poster of different kinds of turtles and tortioises with facts and names.

North American Whales and Dolphins Poster Print
Poster of different kinds of whales and dolphins, with information listed.
Artist: Richard Ellis

Archimedes Poster Print
Poster of Archimedes with the quote,"Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth." -Archimedes, commenting on the lever.

Sun Chart Poster Print
Poster of the sun, providing a lot of educational information.

Albert Einstein - God's Thoughts Poster Print
Educational poster of Albert Einstein. The wording on this print is "I WANT TO KNOW GOD'S THOUGHTS... THE REST ARE DETAILS."

Endeavour Launch Poster Print of a Space Shuttle Launching
Poster of a space shuttle launching.

Nikola Tesla Educational Science Poster Print
Educational science poster of Nikola Tesla, showing a timeline of his achievements.

The Solar System - International Edition Poster Print
Astronomy poster of The Solar System.

Albert Einstein Poster Print
Albert Einstein poster with a timeline. The complete wording on this print is: "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That's relativity." -Albert Einstein. Regarded as one of the most brilliant mathematical physicists of the 20th century, Albert Einstein's theories relating matter, energy, space, time, and gravity form the basis for our understanding of the structure of the universe. A outspoken pacifist, he also made many contributions to peace in his lifetime. 1879 Albert Einstein is born on March 14 in Ulm, Germany. 1888-1900 - Is a poor student but excels in math and science. 1896 - Renounces his German citizenship. 1902-1909 - Works as a technical expert at a Swiss patent office. 1905 - Earns a doctorate from the University of Zurich. Publishes groundbreaking papers on the quantum theory of light, Brownian motion, and special theory of relativity. 1911 - Becomes professor of theoretical physics at University of Berlin. Predicts bending of light near sun. 1915 - Co-signs anti-war "Manifesto to Europeans." 1916 - Publishes his famous paper, General Theory of Relativity. 1919 - Eclipse observations confirm Einstein's theories. He becomes a world figure. 1921 - Receives the Nobel Prize in physics. 1927 - Begins debates on quantum theory interpretation. 1932 - Is appointed professor at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. 1933 - Immigrates to the U.S. 1939 - Signs famous letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt recommending nuclear weapons research, which he later regrets. 1940 - Becomes a U.S. citizen. 1945-1955 - Works tirelessly on behalf of global cooperation to prevent war. 1950 - Bequests his literary estate and personal papers to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 1952 - Is offered the presidency of the State of Israel, but declines. 1955 - Albert Einstein dies on April 18 in Princeton, New Jersey.

Ben Franklin Poster Print Showing a Timeline of His Accomplishments
Educational poster of Ben Franklin's accomplishments. The wording on this print is "Do not squander time - for that is the stuff life is made of. -Benjamin Franklin. In addition to being a printer, publisher, and statesman, Benjamin Franklin was a brilliant scientific investigator, known in his day as 'the wizard of electricity.' His famous kite experiment proved that lightning is a form of electricity.1706 Benjamin Franklin is born on January 17, in Boston, Massachusetts. 1728-1729 - Opens a print shop in Philadelphia and becomes publisher of the Pennsylvania Gazette. 1731 - Franklin sets up America's first lending library. 1732-1758 - Publishes annually his best-selling Poor Richard's Almanack. 1743 - Founds the American Philosophical Society, an organization for the promotion of science. Makes significant discoveries and predictions about the movement of storms. 1744 - Invents a more efficient wood stove, the Franklin Fireplace. 1750 - Invents the lightning rod. 1751 - Franklin's book Experiments and Observations on Electricity is published. 1752 - Franklin performs his famous kite experiment, proving that lightning is a stream of electrified air. 1753 - Receives Britain's Copley Medal, the equivalent of today's Nobel Prize, for his work with electricity. 1764-1765 - Represents the colonies in England. While crossing the Atlantic, Franklin charts the Gulf Stream. 1776 - Franklin helps write and signs the Declaration of Independence. 1784 - Invents bifocal glasses. 1787 - Franklin writes an anti-slavery treatise and becomes president of the Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery. 1790 Benjamin Franklin dies on April 17 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Marie Curie Educational Poster Print of a Timeline of Her Life
Educational poster of marie Curie, including a quote and a timeline of her achievements. The wording on this print is "We must have perserverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained. - Marie Sklodowska Curie. A truly remarkable woman, Marie Curie is best known as the first person to win two Nobel Prizes. Her work has affected the lives of people everywhere through the application of radioactiveprinciples in medicine, communications, and in industrial technology. 1867 - Marie Sklodowska is born on November 7, in Warsaw, Poland. 1882-1890 - Works as a governess to save her and her sister's education. 1883 - Graduates first in her class, earning a physics degree. 1895 - Marries Pierre Curie. The Curies become the greatest husband-and-wife scientific team in history. 1897 - A daughter, Irene, is born. 1898 - The Curies announce their discovery of two new elements: radium and polonium. 1903 - Marie Curie, along with her husband, Pierre, and Henri Becquerel, is awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics. She is the first woman ever to win a Nobel. 1904 - A daughter, Eve, is born. 1906 - After herhusband's death, Marie Curie is asked to take his position. She becomes the first female professor at the Sorbonne. 1911 - Wins her scond Nobel Prize for isolating pure radium. 1914-1919 - Curie sets up France's first military radiology centers. She and her daughter Irene work on the battlefields x-raying wounded soldiers. 1914 - Becomes head of the Paris Institute of Radium and helps found the Curie Institute. 1922 - Is elected to the French Academy of Medicine for her contribution to radiological medicine. 1934 - Marie Curie dies on July 4, in Sancellemoz, France."

Spaceshots - "The Brilliant Earth" Poster Print of The Earth at Night
Map style print of "The Brilliant Earth," showing the earth at night.

Astronaut, Rover, Flag on Moon Poster Print
Astronomy poster of an astronaut, rover, and a flag on the moon.

Galileo Galilei Educational Poster Print
Educational print of Galileo Galilei's accomplishments. This poster includes a timeline.

Periodic Table of the Elements Poster Print
International edition of the Periodic Table of the Elements, in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

Hydrogen Bomb Poster Print
Scenic print of a Hydrogen Bomb explosion.

Kennedy Space Center - Shuttle Launch Poster Print
Shuttle launch at the Kennedy Space Center.

"The Solar System" Poster Print of the Planets
This poster print shows the planets of our solar sytem: mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune and pluto, with the sun shown also.

Poster of "Solar System"
Poster of "Solar System". This is a poster of a chart of the Solar System.

Poster of "Northern Lights"
Poster of "Northern Lights" This poster shows blue Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, through tree tops. The words "Northern Lights" are printed in white lettering at the bottom of the print.

Poster of an Iceberg Under a Blue Sky, Titled "Hidden Depths."
Poster of an Iceberg Under a Blue Sky, Titled "Hidden Depths." This Poster Emphasizes Earth's Natural Phenomena and Weather Conditions.

Poster of "Universe Chart"
Poster of "Universe Chart". This is a poster of a chart of the universe.

Poster of "Opportunity"
Poster of "Opportunity". This is a poster of a sunset shining across a lake.

Poster of "The Atom - English Edition"
Title: "The Atom - English Edition"Artist: Unknownhere is an educational map out of the structure of an atom. There are several boxes scattered ont he poster, each scattered and detailing information on an atom, including information on the atomic bomb.

Science Poster of Isaac Newton and Facts
This poster of Isaac Newton shows Isaac Newton in front of a chalkboard that has some of his theories drawn out behind him. On the bottom of the poster is a timeline of his life. Near the middle of the poster is his name in big bold letters. Next to his name is a blurb of information about him

Science Poster of a star chart, a "Map of the Sky - English Edition"
This map poster is a chart of the constellations in the sky. The map is divided up into two circles. Within the circles are the stars and the constellations. There are lines connecting the stars to make the identification and visual concept of the constellations easy. At the bottom of the poster are the drawn-out versons of the constellations.

Poster of "The Northwest Quadrant of the Supernova Remnant in Vela" by David Malin
Poster of "The Northwest Quadrant of the Supernova Remnant in Vela" by David Malin. Here is a poster of the remnants of supernova in space. You can see the stars for several billion lightyears, and the magenta pinks and reds swirled in space around other stars and gassess.
Artist: David Malin

Poster of Two White Beach Chairs Sitting on the Sand Looking Out at the Ocean Waves
This poster is a photograph of two white beach chairs sitting on the wet sand, looking out at the crashing waves of the ocean. The sky is blue, dotted with white clouds. The poster is also known as "Chairs on Beach"

Poster of Red Barn in Autumn
Scenic Posters: Red Barn in Autumn.

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