World Culture Posters

History Through Literature - Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Poster Print
Poster of "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl". Series of history posters with images and information about slavery in US history.

Nelson Mandela Freed Poster Print
Front page of the London Herald, Monday, 12th of February, 1990. Nelson Mandela freed.
Artist: London Herald

African Women III Poster Print
Brightly colored rendition of an African woman carrying a bundle on her head and a child on her back in a sling. There is another African woman's image from the shoulders up, above the first one. They both wear brigh colored clothing. The background is yellow and green.The artist is Kathleen English-Pitts.
Artist: Kathleen English-Pitts

Tuscan Kitchen I Poster Print
Poster print of a Tuscan kitchen with bottles of wine, olive oil, bread, grapes, eggplant, fruit, squash and an earthenware jug. Artist is Karel Burrows.
Artist: Karel Burrows

Eiffel Tower Poster Print
Delightful print by Kelly Donovan. A black mat features whimsical stamps, a postcard of the Eiffel Tower and a huge ferris wheel,a pink tearose with leaves, a handwritten note with envelope, all on a piece of textured material.
Artist: Kelly Donovan

Eau de Lavande Poster Print
Vintage looking poster by Susan Berman, advertising French Lavendar Water, "Eau de Lavande". Cream, purples and golds.
Artist: Susan Berman

Year of the Dragon Poster Print
Asian style poster of a white tiger and a dragon with Chinese characters entitled, "Year of the Dragon".

Flamenco I Poster Print
Print of a woman Flamenco dancer in a red and black dress. Marta Wiley, artist.
Artist: Marta Wiley

Porto Ramos Poster Print
Vintage ad poster for French wines, Porto Ramos-Pinto wine.
Artist: Rene Vincent

Great British Writers - Geoffrey Chaucer Poster Print
Biography poster of Geoffrey Chaucer, Brittish writer. Shows an illustration of Chaucer and a short biography with an excerpt from "The Canterbury Tales".

Charlie 'Bird' Parker Poster Print
Poster of Charlie "Bird" Parker playing his sax.

Trilogy Poster Print
Black and white three panel print by Pablo Picasso, titled, "Trilogy".
Artist: Pablo Picasso

Mykonos Sunset Poster Print
Beautiful Mykonos Greece at sunset, the bay is azure, the clouds are golden and the city is stark white.
Artist: Georges Meis

Nioulargue - Candida & Astra Poster Print
Stunning print of two racing sailboats, "Nioulargue - Candida & Astra", by Guillaume Plisson.
Artist: Guillaume Plisson

Tuscan Vineyard Poster Print
Lovely print of a Tuscan Vineyard at sunset. Villa house in the distance, rows of grapevines, orange and red sky.
Artist: Jon McNaughton

Oriental Blossoms III Poster Print
Print by Don Li-Leger of an apple or cherry blossom branch in a vase against a orange wall.
Artist: Don Li-Leger

Balcony on Oberapia Street, Havana Poster Print
Bright, colorful depiction of a balcony on Oberapia St. in Havana, Cuba. Done by Corr.
Artist: Corr

Vins de Bordeaux Poster Print
Elegant poster depicting several wine lables from Bordeaux, France.

Laughing Horse Poster Print
Print of a horse laughing, multi colored in muted tones. Carol Grigg of Scottsdale, AZ.
Artist: Carol Grigg

Western Boot Poster Print
Poster of a pair of old cowboy boots with spurs hanging by barbed wire on a background of southwestern design.
Artist: Alma Lee

Banana Bandit Poster Print
Print of bright oranges and yellows of a woman standing in the doorway to a hacienda, with a bunch of bananas on her head, while a small child drags off a bowl of fruit.
Artist: William Templeton

Visit Cuba - So Near and Yet so Foreign Poster Print
Brightly colored,vintage style poster with a mexican dancer holding maracas.
Artist: Unknown

Pergola in Amalfi Poster Print
Misty print of a pergola covered with vines on a terraced seacliff.
Artist: Carl Aagaard

Le Village en Automne Poster Print
Print of a French Village in the fall with trees and a park bench. Muted tones of warm browns and tans.
Artist: Henri Le Sidaner

24 heures du Le Mans Poster Print
Poster advertising the Le Mans, 1961.
Artist: Beligond

Mission Walk Poster Print
Poster of the walkway of a Mission. Shades of pink and white.
Artist: Roger Williams

Snow Scene in the Garden of a Daimyo Poster Print
Poster of a woman in a kimono in the Garden of Daimyo, Japan. Pinks and black.
Artist: Hiroshige

Tuscany Dreams Poster Print
Poster of a window looking out at a villa in Tuscany, with wine and cheese.
Artist: Barbara Felisky

Italian Menu Poster Print
Poster of an Italian menu, Vignones. Mostly shades of brown.
Artist: Jennifer Matla

Tiki Girl III Poster Print
Poster of a girl wearing a grass skirt and dancing. Woven frame around girl with Hybiscus flowers.
Artist: Jennifer Brinley

Harmonise with Beauty Poster Print
Poster of Chinese characters that mean Harmony.
Artist: Yuan Lee

Spring Showers, London Poster Print
Poster of London street in the rain, people walking with umbrellas.
Artist: Eleanor Polen

Navajo Dawn Poster Print
Poster of Navajo woman sitting in the sun.
Artist: R.C. Gorman

Bamboo Impressions II Poster Print
Poster done in browns of bamboo leaves and stocks.
Artist: Don Li-Leger

Volterra, Toscana Poster Print
Sepia toned poster of front gate of a home in Volterra,Toscana,Italy.
Artist: Alan Blaustein

Japanese Screen II Poster Print
Poster of Japanese scene done in panels in gold.

The Meet Poster Print
Poster of men meeting before a fox hunt.
Artist: Heywood Hardy

Book of Kells - Illumination of the Chi Rho Page Poster Print
Poster of the Chi Rho Page of the Book of Kells.

Au Bon Marche Poster Print
Vintage French poster of ladies from 1925.

Oriental Symbols II Poster Print by Trang Lee
Abstract Trang Lee print of Asian writing.
Artist: Trang Lee

World Religions - Buddhism Poster Print
Poster of a Buddha statue. This poster includes facts on Buddhism.

The Feather Dance Poster Print of a Native American Dancer, by David Ramos
David Ramos cultural poster of a Native American dancing in a feather costume.
Artist: David Ramos

Ritual - Feathered Shields Poster Print by David Manje
David Manje print of rock art of hand prints and buffalo, and feathers.
Artist: David Manje

The Flower Carrier Poster Print of a Man Carrying Flowers on His Back, by Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera art print of a Latin man carrying a basket of flowers on his back.
Artist: Diego Rivera

Green Tara Poster Print by Siddhimuni Sakya
Siddhimuni Sakya poster of "Green Tara."
Artist: Siddhimuni Sakya

Kailua Noon II Poster Print of Two Polynesian Women, by Pegge Hopper
Pegge Hopper print of two Polynesian women.
Artist: Pegge Hopper

Women's Work is Never Done Poster Print of African Dancers, by Sadie Patterson
Sadie Patterson print of African dancers.
Artist: Sadie Patterson

Towboats Along the Yotsugi-Dori Canal Poster Print by Hiroshige
Hiroshige art print of towboats along the Yotsugi-Dori canal.
Artist: Hiroshige

Caretakers Poster Print of a Latin Woman Carrying Calla Lilies, by Linda Carter-Holman
Linda Carter-Holman art print of a Latin woman carrying calla lilies.
Artist: Linda Carter-Holman

Moon of the Spear Poster Print of an Indian and Buffalo on Rock Art
Cecilia Henle print of a Native American Indian hunting a buffalo. This print appears as rock art.
Artist: Cecilia Henle

Las Comadres Poster Print by Simon Silva
Simon Silva art print of Latin American women working in a sunflower field.
Artist: Simon Silva

Knowledge Poster Print
Poster of asian writing, reading "knowledge."
Artist: Richard Henson

Ushers of the Church Poster Print of two Afircan American Women Walking Near a Church, by Leroy Campbell
Leroy Campbell print of two African American women walking near a church.
Artist: Leroy Campbell

Dance of Joy I Poster Print of an African American Woman Dancing, by Monica Stewart
Monica Stewart art print of an African American woman dancing.
Artist: Monica Stewart

The Blues Poster Print by Romare Bearden
Abstract Romare Bearden print of "The Blues."
Artist: Romare Bearden

The Zapotec Civilization Poster Print by Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera art print of The Zapotec Civilization.
Artist: Diego Rivera

Red Fuji / Fine Wind Clear Morning Poster Print by Katsushika Hokusai
Katsushika Hokusai print of Mount Fuji.
Artist: Katsushika Hokusai

"Zen Fans II" Poster Print of a Decorative Fan, by Gene Ouimette
Gene Ouimette poster of a decorative Zen fan.
Artist: Gene Ouimette

Wild Cow and Blue Horses Poster Print of Native American Rock Art, by Ginny Hogan
Ginny Hogan poster of Native American Rock Art. This rock art shows a bucking cow and 3 wild horses with hand prints.
Artist: Ginny Hogan

Black Thunder - Josephine Baker Poster Print of Josephine Baker Dancing Topless, by Paul Colin
Paul Colin poster of Josephine Baker dancing topless, with a banana skirt.
Artist: Paul Colin

Spades Poster Print of African Americans Playing Cards, by Frank Morrison
Frank Morrison print of African Americans playing cards.
Artist: Frank Morrison

Pueblo Pottery Poster Print of Pottery Inside an Adobe House
Cultural poster of pottery inside an adobe house.

"Naples - 1933" Vintage Poster Print
Vintage travel poster of "Naples" in 1933.

"Wave to the Rhythm" Poster Print of African American Women Dancing, by Bernard Hoyes
Bernard Hoyes print of African American women, dressed in colorful dreses, dancing to music.
Artist: Bernard Hoyes

"End of the Trail" Poster Print of a Native American Hunched Over on Horseback
James Fraser print of a Native American, hunched over on horseback as they reach the end of the trail.
Artist: James Fraser

"Indian Commandments I" Poster Print of The Ten Indian Commandments
Poster of the Ten Indian Commandments, showing a Native American smoking a pipe. The wording on this print is "THE TEN INDIAN COMMANDMENTS - Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect - Remain close to the Great Spirit - Show great respect for your fellow beings - Work together for the benefit for all Mankind - Give assistance and kindness wherever needed - Do what you know to be right - Look after the well-being of mind and body - Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good - Be truthful and honest at all times - Take full responsibility for your actions."

"Bear Medicine" Poster Print of Rock Art With A Bear and Hand Prints, by Ginny Hogan
Ginny Hogan print of rock art showing a bear and human hand prints.
Artist: Ginny Hogan

"Angel Wings" Poster Print of Beautiful African American Angels, by Lavarne Ross
Lavarne Ross art print of beautiful African American Angels.
Artist: Lavarne Ross

"Beat Streat" Poster Print of Boys Listening to Music on a Boom Box, by Frank Morrison
Frank Morrison art print of boys listening to music on a boom box.
Artist: Frank Morrison

"Legends of Baseball - The Negro League" Poster Print
Sports poster of Legends of Baseball, The Negro League. The wording on this poster is "LEGENDS OF BASEBALL c. 1885-1950 - Armando Vasquez, Garnett Blair, Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe, Willie Mays, Jimmie Crutchfield, Leon Day, Josh Gibson Jr., Bob Harvey, William "Bobby" Robinson, Lyman Bostock Sr., Josh Johnson, Bill Wright, George Giles, Monte Irvin, Buck Leonard, Gene Benson - American Vision Gallery - THE NEGRO LEAGUE - BASEBALL PLAYERS ASSOCIATION - SERIES ONE."

"Southwest Pottery III" Poster Print of a Still Life in Front of an Adobe Village, by T.C. Chiu
T.C. Chiu art print of a still life of a vase, corn and peppers, in front of an Adobe village.
Artist: T.C. Chiu

"Stolen Horses" Poster Print of Native American Rock Art, by Ginny Hogan
Ginny Hogan art print of native american rock art, showing horses.
Artist: Ginny Hogan

"Black Last Supper" Poster Print of African Americans Posed in The Last Supper, by Tobey
Tobey art print of The Last Supper, showing African American people.
Artist: Tobey

"Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?" Poster Print, by Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin art print of Polynesian men and woman, standing around, nearly naked.
Artist: Paul Gauguin

Robert Johnson Music Poster Print
Music poster of Robert Johnson playing a guitar, and a cigarette in his mouth.

"The Loss" Poster Print of Native Americans on Pintos, by Carol Grigg
Carol Grigg art print of Native Americans on Pintos.
Artist: Carol Grigg

"4 Birds" Poster Print of Native American Rock Art, by Ginny Hogan
Ginny Hogan print of 4 birds in front of the sun, and three hand prints. This is a print of Native American rock art.
Artist: Ginny Hogan

Poster Print of African American Children Standing in the Rain With Their Mouths Open, by Chris Perkins
Black and white Chris Perkins print of African American children, standing in the rain with their mouths open.
Artist: Chris Perkins

"Man Crossing a Bridge" Poster Print of a Snowy Landscape, by Hiroshige
Hiroshige art print of a man crossing a bridge in a snowy landscape.
Artist: Hiroshige

"Herding Cattle" Poster Print by M. Caroselli
M. Caroselli print of cowboys herding cattle near a large natural formation.
Artist: M. Caroselli

"Rite of Passage" Poster Print of a Native American Collage With Feathers and Animals
Native American art print, by Susan Boulet, of a Native American Shaman, collaged with feathers and animals.
Artist: Susan Boulet

"Southwest Pottery II" Poster Print of Southwestern Pots, by T.C. Chiu
T.C. Chiu art print of southwestern pots.
Artist: T.C. Chiu

"Bear Woman" Poster Print of a Native American Spirit, by Susan Boulet
Susan Boulet art print of a Native American Spirit, the "Bear Woman."
Artist: Susan Boulet

"Eight Virtues" Poster Print of Asian Writing, by George Caso
George Caso print of vertical Asian writing.
Artist: George Caso

"Wisdom" Poster Print of Asian Writing on a Pale Pink Background, by Richard Henson
Richard Henson print of Asian writing in the meaing of "wisdom" on a pale pink background.
Artist: Richard Henson

"Dancing til Dawn" Poster Print of Four Native Americans Dancing at Dawn, by Marianne Millar
Marianne Millar art print of four Native Americans, dancing at dawn.
Artist: Marianne Millar

World Culture Poster of a Latina Woman Holding a Bunch of Fresh Cut Calla Lilies
Diego Rivera's "Vendedora de Alcatraces" is a Poster of a Latin American flower seller holding a bunch of fresh cut white calla lilies.
Artist: Diego Rivera

"Night Waters" Poster Print of Native American Art, by Tony Abeyta
Tony Abeyta art print of "Night Waters."
Artist: Tony Abeyta

"Moonlight and Yellow Trumpets" Poster Print of a Latin Woman Holding Calla Lilies, by Linda Carter-Holman
Linda Carter-Holman print of a Latin woman holding Calla Lilies. This print is titled "Moonlight and Yellow Trumpets."
Artist: Linda Carter-Holman

"Fetiches" Poster Print of African Tribal Masks, by Lois Jones
Lois Jones print of African Tribal Masks, titled "Fetiches."
Artist: Lois Jones

"Mon Shon" Poster Print of a Native American Running in a Field, With a Shawl, by Marianne Millar
Marianne Millar print of a Native American, running in a field, wrapped in a shawl. THis print is titled "Mon Shon."
Artist: Marianne Millar

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses Poster Print
Poster of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, showing an image for each God or Godess, along with the names and descriptions. This print includes the following: Sphinx, Hathor, Sekhmet, Shu, Khnum, Thoth, Nut, Nekhbet, and Osiris.

"Ancient Family" Poster Print of Rock Art, by Ginny Hogan
Ginny Hogan art print of rock art, showing hand prints and people drawn on a wall. This print is titled "Ancient Family."
Artist: Ginny Hogan

"The Road" Poster Print of an African American Woman on a Road With a Shadow of the Cross, by Laurie Cooper
Laurie Cooper art print of an African American woman standing on a road with a shadow of the cross. The cross stands tall at the end of the road.
Artist: Laurie Cooper

"Mandala of Padmapani" Poster Print
Print of "Mandala of Padmapani."

"Saying Farewell by the Lake Dianshan, 1346" Poster Print by Li Sheng
This 1346 Li Sheng culture poster print of "Saying Farewell by the Lake Dianshan, 1346", shows a black and white picture of little mountains, trees, and chinese writing.
Artist: Li Sheng

"Mango Man" Poster Print by William Templeton
This William Templeton, world culture poster print of "Mango Man", shows a picture of a man sitting down at a table full of mango fruits. In the foreground of this picture lies more mango fruits.
Artist: William Templeton

"Descent from the Cross" Poster Print of African American People Removing an African American Jesus From The Cross
Tim Ashkar print of African American people removing an African American Jesus from the cross. This print is titled "Descent from the Cross."
Artist: Tim Ashkar

"Flowers for Mom" Poster Print of Children Riding a Horse, by Tim Cox
Tim Cox print of a brother and sister riding a horse, with a foal walking along side. This print is titled "Flowers for Mom."
Artist: Tim Cox

African Masks Poster Print
Print of African Masks. This print shows 14 African masks on a black abackground.

"Taos Pueblo" Poster Print by Georgia O`Keeffe
Georgia O`Keeffe art print of "Taos Pueblo."
Artist: Georgia O`Keeffe

"Art of Zen II" Poster Print by C. Robertson
C. Robertson art print of chop sticks, a bird, feather and Asian writing on a gray background.
Artist: C. Robertson

"Hurry Sun Up" Western Poster Print by Tim Cox
Tim Cox art print of a cowoby with his horse at sunset. This print is titled "Hurry Sun Up."
Artist: Tim Cox

"Market Day" Poster Print by Linda Carter-Holman
Linda Carter-Holman art print of women holding her daughter and basket of fruits.
Artist: Linda Carter-Holman

"White Buffalo Woman Legend" Poster Print
Art print of the "White Buffalo Women Legend." This print shows a Native American Woman with a white buffalo. The words on the print are "White Buffalo Calf Woman brings the gift of the sacred pipe to honor all of creation. She then turns into a white buffalo and returns to her people."

"Trinadad & Tobago" Vintage Travel Poster Print
Vintage travel print for "Trinadad & Tobago," showing an African American woman dancing under a palm tree. The words "Trinidad and Tobago tourist board" appear at the bottom.

"The Great City of Tenochtilan" Poster Print by Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera art print of "The Great City of Tenochtilan."
Artist: Diego Rivera

"Art of Zen I" Poster Print by C. Robertson
C. Robertson print of "Art of Zen I."
Artist: C. Robertson

"Jazz Quartet" Poster Print by Ivey Hayes
Ivey Hayes music print of "Jazz Quartet". This music art print shows people playing their music instruments.
Artist: Ivey Hayes

"Rising" Poster Print of African American Men Playing Basketball, by Justin Bua
Justin Bua art print of African American men playing basketball, titled "Rising."
Artist: Justin Bua

Vintage Travel to Japan Poster Print by Ignacio
Vintage travel print for Japan, showing pagodas, by Ignacio.
Artist: Ignacio

"Go-Kanosho, Higo Province" Poster Print by Hiroshige
Hiroshige art print of "Go-Kanosho, Higo Province"
Artist: Hiroshige

"Flower Festival: Feast of Santa Anita, 1931" Poster Print by Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera art print of three small girls on their knees, with a woman bending over above them, carrying calla lily flowers on her back. There is a crowd of women in the background. This print is titled "Flower Festival: Feast of Santa Anita, 1931."
Artist: Diego Rivera

"We're Comin Thru" Poster Print of a Cowgirl, by David DeVary
David DeVary art print of a cowgirl in a long yellow coat. This print is titled "We're Comin Thru."
Artist: David DeVary

"Isis & Osiris" Poster Print by Susan Boulet
Susan Boulet art print of "Isis & Osiris."
Artist: Susan Boulet

"Chinese Writing II" Poster Print
This world culture print of "Chinese Writing II", shows a picture of the words truth, beauty, freedom, and love, written in Chinese and English.

"Last Supper" Poster Print Depicting the Scene With African American People, by Cornell Barnes
Religious print of "The Last Supper," depicting the scene with African American people, by Cornell Barnes.
Artist: Cornell Barnes

"The Flower Carrier" Poster Print of a Man Carrying a Basket of Flowers on His Back, by Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera art print of a man carrying a heavy basket of flowers on his back, titled "The Flower Carrier."
Artist: Diego Rivera

"The Lovers" Poster Print of an Asian Couple Kissing, by Kitigawa Utamaro
Kitigawa Utamaro art print of an Asian couple kissing, titled "The Lovers."
Artist: Kitigawa Utamaro

"The Sun People" Poster Print by Larry Poncho Brown
Larry Poncho Brown art print of "The Sun People," showing African American faces under the sun.
Artist: Larry Poncho Brown

Japanese Culture Poster of "Suigin Grove and Masaki, on the Sumida River" of Boats Sailing on the River
Hiroshige's Japanese Culture poster titled "Suigin Grove and Masaki, on the Sumida River" shows Japanese sail boats on the Sumida River in front of a mountain in the distance. The poster is framed with the pink flowers from a Japanese tree and Japanese writing. There are people walking on a path near the river through a field of green grass.
Artist: Hiroshige

"Visioning" Poster Print by Susan Boulet
Susan Boulet art print of a Native American woman. This print is titled "Visioning."
Artist: Susan Boulet

"Noble Oriental With Parasol" Poster Print
Art print of an beautiful Oriental woman, with a parasol, reaching her hand out to a yellow buttefly. She is standing in a beautiful garden. This print is titled "Noble Oriental With Parasol"

Poster of Dragon Motif
Art Print: Dragon Motif.
Artist: T.C. Chiu

Art Print of "Reflections of a Queen" by A. Smith
Art Print of "Reflections of a Queen" by A. Smith. This print shows a very beautiful african american woman. She is sitting in a large body of water with her reflection showing her as a queen. There are water ripples all around her.
Artist: A. Smith

Poster of "Oriental Panel I (gold foil stamped)" by Richard Avalon
Poster of "Oriental Panel I (gold foil stamped)" by Richard Avalon. This is a poster of three oriental characters on gold.
Artist: Richard Avalon

Art Print of an African American Man With His Guitar and a "Cup of Blues" by Dane Tilghman
Art Print of an African American man with his guitar and a "Cup of Blues" by Dane Tilghman. This the man sitting, leaning over his guitar with a cigarette in hand, and mics hanging from above.
Artist: Dane Tilghman

Print of "Sudden Shower" by Hiroshige
Print of "Sudden Shower" by Hiroshige. This is a print of four Japanese people crossing a bridge in the rain.
Artist: Hiroshige

Surf Poster of "Big Wednesday" (Italian)
Surf poster of "Big Wednesday" in Italian. This classic surf print shows 3 surfers, one holding a surfboard, looking out to sea as huge surf breaks at Waimea Bay.

Cultural Poster of Native Americans Dancing.
Cultural Poster of Native Americans Dancing. This print is titled "Dancing For Their Lives" by Carol Grigg.
Artist: Carol Grigg

Poster of "Amor a Todas Horas" by Simon Silva
Poster of "Amor a Todas Horas" meaning Love at All Times, by Simon Silva. This beautiful print shows a latin woman holding her child as she looks out her window at a night scene.
Artist: Simon Silva

Art Print of "Jammin at the Savoy " by Romare Bearden
Art Print of "Jammin at the Savoy " by Romare Bearden. This decorative and colorful print shows african american men jammin to their music. Each man is playing an instrument and having a good time while doing so!
Artist: Romare Bearden

Print of "Blue Vase & Pomegranate" by Linda Carter-Holman
Print of "Blue Vase & Pomegranate" by Linda Carter-Holman. This Mexican inspired print shows a Latin woman holding a bundle of Calla Lilies.
Artist: Linda Carter-Holman

Poster of "Asian Summer" By: Chris Paschke
Title: Asian Summer"Artist: Chris PaschkeHere is an art print with asian writing on it, over a series of blocks of color on what looks like the texture of hand made paper in earth tone colors.
Artist: Chris Paschke

Poster of "La Dolce Vita"
Title: "La Dolce Vita"Artist: UnknownThis is a movie poster for the film "La Dolce Vita" with all the subtitles and credits in Italian.

Poster of "Chinatown" (credits printed in Italian)
Title: "Chinatown"Artist: UnknownThis is a movie poster for the film "Chinatown" starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. The credits printed at the bottom are in Italian.

Poster of "The Missing Man I" By: Jack Vettrinao
Title: "The Missing Man I"Artist: Jack VettrianoHere is an art print showing two women and a man standing on beach all looking in the same direction, with one woman pointing her umbrella toward someone not in the print.
Artist: Jack Vettriano

Poster of "Folies - Bergere" By: Jules Bergere
Title: "Folies - Bergere"Artist: Jules BergereHere is an art print advertising "La Loie Fuller." At the top of the poster reads: "Folies-Bergere." There is a woman in the print wearing a long flowing dress, dancing and spinning, with her dress flowing gracefully with her.
Artist: Jules Cheret

Poster of "Sexy French Carneval at Marmorhaus" By: Giclee
Title: "Sexy French Carneval at Marmorhaus"Artist: GicleeHere is an art print showing a man wearing a jester hat and a woman in a masquerade mask dancing. "Die Lou Dom Mont Martre Marmorhaus" is printed in yellow caligraphic writing on the red background.

Poster of "Wisdom"
Title: "Wisdom"Artist: UnknownHere is an inspirational poster showing a Sioux Native American Indian profile picture in the background, in the foreground are a few teepee huts and trees on a grassy plain. On the upper right half is printed some poetry or prose on "Wisdom."

Poster of "Tao Dragon"
Title: "Tao Dragon"Artist: UnknownHere is a poster showing the Tao Dragon. There are two in a sterling silver color at the top of a design, at the bottom is a yin yang with two Tao Dragon in a silhouette shadow inside the yin yang.

Poster of "Bamboo Inspirations I (metallic ink)" By: Thomas McCoy
Title: "Bamboo Inspirations I (metallic ink)"Artist: Thomas McCoyHere is an abstract art print showing in the center a few bamboo shoots and some Asian writing.
Artist: Thomas McCoy

Poster of "Ten Indian Commandments"
Title: "Ten Indian Commadnments"Artist: UnknownHere is a poster showing a black and white photo of a Native American Indian tribe, wearing full costume with headdress. On the left side of the poster is printed from top to bottom: "The Ten Indian Commandments - Remain close to the Great Spirit, Show great respect for your fellow beings, Give assistance and kindness wherever needed, Be truthful and honest at all times, Do what you know to be right, Look after the well being of mind and body, Treat the earth and all that dwell thereon with respect, Take full responsibility for your actions, Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good, Work together for the benfit of all mankind."

Poster of "Yoga - English Edition"
Title: " Yoga - English Edition"Artist: UnknownHere is a print showing the steps of Yoga. There are written instructions and techniques, as well as drawn diagrams at the bottom of the poster. The colors are warm shades of yellow, orange, and red.

Poster of "French Fries" By: Catherine Jones
Title: ":French Fries"Artist: Catherine JonesHere is a color poster showing a plate of french fries with a side of ketchup in a small dish. At the top of the poster is printed in white cursive writing "French Fries" on a scarlet red background. There are black and white stripes running across the middle half of the poster, where it meets the plate of fries, which sits on a deep forest green background. There, at the lower right corner, is a small oval with a price of 25 cents printed in white on a solid black background wth a baby blue trim.
Artist: Catherine Jones

Posters: "Flags of the World" - International Edition
POster of "Flags of the World". This poster shows all of the flags of the world surrounding a map of the world.

Poster of "Was Fur Ein Vogel Bist Du" By: Max Ernst
Title: "Was Fur Vogel Bist Du"Artist: Max ErnstHere is an abstract print done in a deep shade of crimson red, with the highlights and accent lines done in black. There appears to be a figure of a man at the center, with a large hexagon, complete with two eyes and a mouth. The shape of the body is slightly distorted, due to the abstract nature of the original painting. There are black smudges all over the painting, giving this a rare, rough look.
Artist: Max Ernst

Art Print of African Americans Playing Pool in a Pool Hall, Titled "Change for a Dollar" by Frank Morrison
Art print of African American men and women playing pool in a pool hall, titled "Change for a Dollar" by Frank Morrison.
Artist: Frank Morrison

Poster of "The Crescent Moon" By: Montague Dawson
Title: "The Crescent Moon"Artist: Montague DawsonHere is a print showing a large ship in the ocean, lit by the glow of the moon. All the sales are open, and there are a few lamps lit at the front of the ship. Otherwise, the only light comes from the moon overhead, and the few stars to the right of the moon above the ship.
Artist: Montague Dawson

Poster of "Veterans Stadium - 2003 Final Game"
Title: "Veterans Stadium - 2003 Final Games"Artist: UnknownHere is a color photo taken from the stands of the Veterans Stadium, overlooking the playing field as there is some sort of procession of people marching in formation holding up a sheet colored and painted as the American Flag, in the shape of the Lower 48 United States Of America. At the lower half of the photo is printed: " Veterans Stadium Final Game - January 19, 2003"

Poster of "Book Burning"
Title: "Book Burning"Artist: UnknownHere is a motivational poster showing a book completely enveloped in flames at tge very center of the poster on a solid black background. At the bottom half of the poster is printed in a yellow, gold, orange is the caption: "You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them. - Ray Bradbury"

Poster of "Mother and Son"
Title: "Mother and Son"Artist: UnknownHere is a loving print of a mother and her son. Both are of the African culture, wearing traditional clothing, the mother with a head wrap of teal and white. The print showing the mother from her shoulders up,. and the boy from the torso up. She is kneeling down by his side, with their faces touching and eyes closed. She has her right hand placed on his chest where his heart is, and her left hand behind the boy's neck and the base of his head in a very loving, mother-son moment of love and devotion.

Poster of "Common Ground" By: Alaagy
Title: "Common Ground"Artist: AlaagyHere is a print showing a large gathering of people from an African American tribe wearing their brightly colored traditional clothing. There are no details in the faces of the people. Yet, there is a really neat detailing at the hemline of their garments. The hemline runs into the silhouttes of african animals: camels, elephant, giraffe, antelope and more. Just under the black silhouette pictures, are the flying creatures of Africa. The border is a bold, colbalt blue. The title of the print and artist name are at the bottom center in print.
Artist: Alaagy

Poster of "Le Soir" Artist: Alphonse Mucha
Title: ":Le Soir"Artist: Alphonse MuchaHere is a vertical-style print showing a woman sitting in a tree observing the oncoming setting of the sun. The sky is a sherbert pink color, really showing the highlights in her hair which is in a do at the top of her head. The framing or border of this print allows the woman to look like she's sitting in a tree just outside of a window. At the top of the print is an ornate decorative border of flowers and wrought iron looking detail. At the bottom in the center is the artist' name and title of the piece.
Artist: Alphonse Mucha

Poster of "Fellini - 8 1/2"
Title: "Fellini - 8 1/2"Artist: UnknownHere is a vintage poster for the movie "Federico Fellini 8 1/2." There are a series of black and white photos taken from scenes in the movies staggered in the poster, with the movie credits at the bottom right corner, and the movie title at the center right.

Poster of "Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero" By: Gall
Title: "Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero"Artist: GallHere is a balck and white print of a view from the Trocadero in Paris France looking directly at The Eiffel Tower. The sky is overcast, adding to the white in the print. There is a small group of people with a dog at the bottom of the stairs between the Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower. At the bottom of the print in the title and artist information in small captioning.
Artist: Gall

Poster of "Groovy Martini I (metallic ink)" By: Celeste Peters
Title: "Groovy Martini I (metallic ink)"Artist: Celeste PetersHere is a print advertising the martini drink. The colors of the background are all neutral shades of brown and beige, running in vertical stripes. At the top right corner is printed "martinis" in solid black lower case lettering. At the bottom left corner is a solid black silhouette of a martini glass, and a green olive in a bubble sitting beside it.
Artist: Celeste Peters

Poster of "Swan" By: Nico
Title: "Swan"Artist: NicoHere is a poster of a side profile of a person of African decent wearing a large gold hooped earring, and tribal clothing. The person has his arms and hands extended outward and up toward the sky, and his eyes are closed. The artist name is at the bottom right corner on a deep mahogany color.
Artist: Nico

Poster of "Biere Gangloff" By: Jean D'Ylen
Title: "Biere Gangloff"Artist: Jean D'YlenHere is a print of a vintage sign for Gangloff beer, or "Biere Gangloff." The back ground is solid black with a figure of a well-rounded man holding two oversized pints of beer in his arms, foam spilling up and out the sides. He's just got this contented smile onhis face, like... that's good beer. At the bottom in a mint green color if "Biere Gangloff."
Artist: Jean D`Ylen

Poster of "Amalfi dai Cappaccini" By: Carl Aagaard
Title: "Amalfi dai Cappaccini" Artist: Carl AagaardHere is a print that is so clearly painted with REAL colros and shading that it's difficult to tell if this is indeed a painting or a photograph taken in the late afternoon of "The View To The Amalfi Coast" The view is from the top of a hill overlooking the Medeterranean, and a long corridor along the top of the hill with grape vines growing over the roof and hanging down.
Artist: Carl Aagaard

Poster of "Salsa Dancers" By: Bill Brauer
Title: Salsa DancersArtist: Bill BrauerHere is a romantic print of a man in a tuxedo and a woman in a long red dress holding on to each other dancing salsa. All that is shown of the man is his shoulder and hand which is held on the middle of the woman's side. All that is shown of the woman is her neck, with her brunette hair up atop her head, one arm around the man's shoulder, the other extended outwardly holding the man's other hand, and her back, which is exposed with the styling of the well fitted red dress. The artist and title of the print are at the bottom.
Artist: Bill Brauer

Poster of "The Scream" By: Edvard Munch
Title: "The Scream"Artist: Edvard MunchHere is a variation of the painting done by Edvard Munch titled "The Scream." This shows the person on the boardwalk holding his face in terror, visably screaming, with the river, or the ocean below, and someone walking in the distance behind this character. The colors in this one are of vibrant reds, with accents of blue, and black.
Artist: Edvard Munch

Poster of "Monaco - 1937" By: Geo Ham
Title: "Monaco - 1937"Artist: Geo HamHere is a vintage print from an auto racing poster reading "Monaco 8 Aout 1937" which translates from French, "Monaco, August 8, 1937. The poster shows a vintage race car in a red color racing along a boardwalk leading with three other cars speeding behind. There is a beach to the right, and homes up on the hill to the left.
Artist: Geo Ham

Poster of "Cognac Jacquetquot; By: Bouchet
Title: "Cognac Jacquet"Artist: BouchetHere is a print of a vintage painting of a rather elegant peacock standing on a table with one foot on the table, the other on a bottle of cognac. The peacock is in a gazaebo where there are red roses growing onteh left side of the print. The sun appears to be setting in the distance, revealing the silhouettes of the trees, and the wording "Cognac Jacquet" on the bottom right corner. The overall feel of the print being soft, and late afternoon, early evening... somewhat inviting for a sip of cognac.
Artist: Bouchet

Poster of "Bamboo Inspirations II (metallic ink)" By: Thomas McCoy
Title: "Bamboo Inspirations II (metalic ink)"Artist: Thomas McCoyHere is another print in the Thomas McCoy series of "Bamboo Inspirations." The painting is done in warm tones, with rich layers of browns, deep to bright redsm grey, silver and white with accents of black. There are various brush strokes of no real pattern along the bottom and top thirds of the print, and at the center is a framed area of asian culture writing and a piece of bamboo painted in black. At the very top and bottom of the painting are tan and white checkers in several tiny rows.
Artist: Thomas McCoy

Poster of "Champagne Joseph Perrier" By: J. Stall
Title: "Champagne Joseph Perrier" Artist: J. StallHere is a vintage poster for "Champaigne, Joseph Perrier." It shows a woman holding up an oversized bottle of Champaigne, with the bottom half of her body made of white wine grapes. The background is a deep blue color, allowing the red lettering in the title of the painting to stand out at the very bottom of the print.
Artist: Stall

Poster of "Canadian Pacific - The Canadian 1955"
Title: "Canadian Pacific - The Canadian 1955" Artist: UnknownThis is a vintage print of a 1955 advertising for Canadian Pacific. "Travel The Canadian, The Scenic Dome Route Across Canada, Canadian Pacific" is printed along the bottom in gold, white and darker gold lettering. The top 3/4 of the print is a scenic view of the snow capped canadian mountains, and the canyon in which the train is speeding through along side a river.

Poster of "Mediterranean Gold" By: Michael O'Toole
Title: "Mediterranean Gold"Artist: Michael O'TooleHere is a print showing 5 small boats docked in the riviera. Along the backdrop of the print is a wall of mediterranean homes, with red, green and yellow accents in the golden glow of the setting sun.
Artist: Michael O`Toole

Poster of "Megeve" by: Pierre Michaud
Title: "Megeve" Artist: Pierre MichaudThis is a vintage poster (1955) in french of an advertisement for a ski lodge in Rochebrune. The text is in red lettering and reads: "Vers de magnifiques champs de ski, par le telepherique de m'eceve a rocherbrune." The picture on the poster is of a ski lift going over the snowy mountain with the golden glow of the sun in the sky. There are a set of skis and poles sticking up out of the snow on the ground below the lift.
Artist: Pierre Michaud

Poster of "Poet's Cause" By: Don Li-Leger
Title: "Poet's Cause"Artist: Don Li-LegerHere is an abstract print of several blocks and squares in different sizes and colors. Underneath a layer or two of paint, you can barely make out some scribble marks, though no words are legible. The colors used are all warm tones of peach, brown, beige, blue, red, and black to highlight.
Artist: Don Li-Leger

Poster of &quo;;La Tour Eiffel"
Title: "La TOur Eiffel"Artist: UnknownHere is a panoramic-style print of the black and white photos taken during the developmental stages of The Eiffel Tour in Paris, France. The first picture on the left shows the groundbreaking construction in the beginning, and so on through the finished product on the far right. There are a total of 8 black and white photos from left to right in this print. At the bottom of the print is the text: "La Tour Eiffel 1888-1889"

Poster of "London Bridge at Night"
Title: "London Bridge at Night"Here is a panoramic poster of a nightscape view of the London Bridge. There is a rather good portion of the city shows in the poster, and the lights are starting to come into view while the sun has just set. The sky barely holds any remnants of the day.

Poster of "Library 1969" By: Jacob Lawrence
Title: Library 1969"Artist: Jacob LawrenceHere is an abstract print of a painting by Jacob Lawrence. Revealing a library full of people sitting at tables or standing all reading. The colors used are all red, purple, some greens and orange with black and brown highlights. At the bottom is the caption:"JACOB LAWRENCE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART"
Artist: Jacob Lawrence

Poster of "Cote d`Azur" By: Jean-Gabriel Domergue
Title: "Cote d'Azur"Artist: Jean-Gabriel DomergueHere is a Poster advertising the French Riviera, "Cote d'Azur." There are two tall palm trees, one bordering each side of the print, on a beachy area that's got a barred fence with several people enjoying the holiday by the riviera. In the background, there is the sea, and two sail boats in the water. At the very bottom of the print is "Cote d'Azur . . . Toute L'annnee" "Tout L'annee" means 'year round', so the print is advertising Holiday at the French Riviera all year round.
Artist: Jean-Gabriel Domergue

Poster of "Luau at Sunset"
Title - "Luau at Sunset"Artist - UnknownHere is what looks to be a vintage invitation to a luau at the Blue Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. There is a post card of palm trees and the beach at sunset near the center of the invitation, the Blue Hawaiian Hotel logo with the words "Luau Under The Banyon" on it. The poster is on a bright sherbert orange peach color, with the lei flowers and palm trees for a frame.

Print of "El Vendedor de Alcatraces" by Diego Rivera
Print of "El Vendedor de Alcatraces" by Diego Rivera. This print shows a woman, a flower vendor, carring a large basket of Calla Lilies on her back.
Artist: Diego Rivera

Print of a Crane Motif, by T.C. Chiu
Print of a Crane Motif, by T.C. Chiu. This beautiful art print shows a Crane near a tree branch, with the sun behind it, printed in blue ink on a parchment looking bacground.
Artist: T.C. Chiu

Poster of &quo;The Meeting&quo; by: Carol Grigg
Title - &quo;The Meeting&quo;Artist - Carol Grigg This print shows two Native American Indians meeting, one man and the other woman. Both on a horse, looking longly at the other. At the bottom right corner of the print is the artist' signature and a small teepee icon.
Artist: Carol Grigg

Poster of "Earth Marks I" by David Manje
Poster of "Earth Marks I" by David Manje. This Kwanzaa holiday inpsired art piece shows people and animal drawings appearing as if they would look on rocks.
Artist: David Manje

Poster of &quo;The Poker Game&quo; by: Justin Bua
Title - &quo;The Poker Game&quo;Artist - Justin BuaThis is a panoramic size print showing a long table full of poker players, in descending order from front to back in size. At the center of the table are several stacks of poker chips. Each player, of african descent, holding cards, and either looking at &quo;the artist&quo; or peeking at their opponants cards.
Artist: Justin Bua

Poster of "Asian Seasons" by Chris Paschke
Poster of "Asian Seasons" by Chris Paschke. This print shows four symbols of the seasons in Japanese writing. There is also some Japanese writing on the left side. The print has a black background and all the writing is in gold or tan colors.
Artist: Chris Paschke

Black and White Poster of Nelson Mandela and a Quote by Him Saying "There is no Easy Walk to Freedom Anywhere"
This Black and white poster is a photoograph of Nelson Mandela looking off towards a light. On the top of the poster is a quote of his saying "There is no Easy Walk to Freedom Anywhere." At the bottom of the poster is a map of Africa and a small box of text next to it.

Poster of "Force of Nature I" by: Alfred Gockel
Title - "Force of Nature I"Artist - Alfred Gockel Here is a contemporary, abstract print by artist Alfred Gockel titled "Force of Nature". Although difficult to interperet, there is an exquisite use of deep reds, olive green, golden yellow and rich orange colors. Accented by clean, crisp white and black lines. The print is vertical, and signed at the bottom right corner by the artist.
Artist: Alfred Gockel

Poster of "The Calabash Girls" by:Tilly Willis
Title - "The Calabash Girls" Artist - Tilly Willis Here is a print of two women of an African Culture standing ina field of dry grass, carrying baskets or water bowl on their heads. One woman is wearing a yellow gown, the other a red, both with yellow head dressing on. Along the bottom are the words "The Calabash Girls"
Artist: Tilly Willis

Poster of "Phoenix Motif "
Title - "Phoenix Motif"Artist - T.C. ChiuHere is a softly colored poster of a phoenix in the eastern asian philosophy style painted in soft shades of dark blue. The phoenix is flying in a circular form in the sky with a thick blue ring circling it in the center of the poster on pale pink hued paper. There is an asian caligraphic writing in black centered toward the bottom of the print.
Artist: T.C. Chiu

Poster of "Asian Autumn" by artist, Chris Paschke
Title - Asian Autumn Artist - Chris Paschke Here is a poster print of some Japanese for the word or season "autumn." THis is black calligraphy writing in the forground of a piece of what appears to be handmade paper in deep green with ivory patches on it. The word "autumn" is handwritten along the bottom left edge outside of the deep green paper in cursive writing.
Artist: Chris Paschke

Poster of "African Dancers" by: Upjohn
Title - "African Dancers"Artist - Upjohn Here is a poster of several african women dancing to some form of music wearing their traditional African Culture clothing of brightly colored fabrics in various prints. None of their faces show great detail, but all are in various dance positions wearing bright colors on the dark shaded background of the print.
Artist: Upjohn

Art Print of Asian Spring, With Asian Writing, by Chris Paschke.
Art Print of Asian Spring, With Asian Writing, by Chris Paschke.
Artist: Chris Paschke

Poster of Asian Winter
Art Poster: Asian Winter by Chris Paschke.
Artist: Chris Paschke

Poster of Piano Man II
Music Posters: Piano Man II, by Juston Bua.
Artist: Justin Bua

Poster of Three Girls Praying
Religious Posters: Three Girls Praying.

Poster of Dance of Cranes
Animal Posters: Dance of Cranes, by Haruyo Morita.
Artist: Haruyo Morita

Poster of El Guitarista
Cultural music art print of "El Guitarista" by Justin Bua.
Artist: Justin Bua

Chinese Writing - "Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love" Poster Print
Poster print of chinese writing with english translations of "Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love".

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